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WOLFPACK MAD MAX BUILD September 09 2015

UTV WOLFPACK enters the post apocalyptic video game world of Mad Max to build a one of a kind machine based on the Rockstar Energy THIRSTCUTTER in-game vehicle. The inspiration for the THIRSTCUTTER was born from evaluating real-world vehicles that could blast through harsh desert environments, while also offering athletic abilities to power away from game enemies. WOLFPACK’S UTV racing experience and core knowledge of Polaris RZR's helped guide Rockstar and WB Games to create a new vehicle type that would enter the Mad Max game.
Working in collaboration with Engage In-Game Advertising and the affiliated partners of the project, WOLFPACK began translating the virtual characteristics of the THIRSTCUTTER, into physical elements, materials and fabrication tactics that would deliver the closest possible replication of the vehicle. Out of this process was born:


A twisted beast of awesomeness ready to crush any trail or path in it’s way.


– Six fire blasting ready to throw down some thunder.



– Weather tested alligator seats keeping it high and dry though any terrain.

•   RIP’N RIMS     

– Looks that kill with original Rockstar laser cut rims and integrated spikes.
Rockstar Energy will be giving away 2 custom off-road THIRSTCUTTER vehicles, with 2 ways to win:
•   Starting 9/1 - ENTER TO WIN SWEEPS: Grab limited edition Mad Max themed Rockstar cans and collect unique entry codes under the tab
•   Starting 9/8 - PLAY TO WIN CHALLENGE: Get a copy of the Mad Max game and race in the THIRSTCUTTER in-game competition for fastest time
More info at:
Seeing the evolution of an idea transform into a reality, paved the way to create a two part web series of the vehicle being built. Rockstar Energy takes a peep behind the scenes to see how the THIRSTCUTTER comes to life from start to finish.

Warfighter Made June 09 2015

We do a lot of amazing things at, this year especially, but the highlight for me has been meeting and spending time with the crew from Warfighter Made. When Polaris gave us the go ahead to do something with Warfighter Made we jumped and we couldn’t be more proud or pleased to have had this opportunity.

Warfighter Made is a special organization founded by veterans for veterans. Their goal is to support injured and wounded war veterans by helping modify, build and adapt vehicles for these injured heroes. Another big part of their mission is to take these heroes places and provide them with Recreational Therapy. This year Polaris donated 2 RZR Xp1000 4 seaters so that the Warfighter Made Org can now take these heroes on excursions off-road.

What Polaris has done to support this organization is beyond what words can express. We are thrilled to have had this opportunity to help this amazing group along their way!


Joey D.

Photos by: Ernesto Araiza // UTVUnderground.com

Wolfpack News June 16 2014


"The cream always rises to the top would be an understatement with this alliance"!
Magnum Offroad is the most influential innovator of the entire side by side movement with cutting edge designs, rock solid aesthetics and an extensive racing background.
The Wolfpack is the most dynamic race team on the track; with the vision to create a form of short course Off-road racing that is both affordable and manageable. With one goal in mind, growing the sport by consistently producing professional media and circulating content throughout the off road community.

"It's no surprise that the two leaders in the industry were brought together by a common friend and voice of the UTV world"

"I was excited to link the Wolfpack up with Magnum Offroad. The Wolfpack is relentless in their promotion of UTV racing which is inline with what and I have been doing for many years now. Magnum Offroad has been relentless in their pursuit of creating and developing some of the coolest products for the UTV industry so it was a solid match to put this widely exposed UTV Wolfpack race team together with one of the top innovators in the sport. Together I think they make a solid team, one that we are proud to stand behind!."'
- Joey D of
Twitter @UTVWolfpack