Air Filter-S&B Filters Particle Seperator

$ 399.00

Wolfpack Motorsports Strongly Suggests Buying this product. In years of Racing We have tested 100's of Products and this product went above and beyond for us, That is exactly why we decided to become a dealer at start selling them. Our story was at the Mint400!!! We were hesitant and skeptical of putting the system on our Race Vehicle. Especially after you spend $50k on a Fully built desert Race Rzr the last thing on your mind is worrying about parts and or filters failing. So we Ran this Particle seperator anyways and when it came to mounting solutions the bar clamps that came with the unit were fairly easy to install. After that was done the wiring was piece of cake because it wires into the factory loom. Once installed we loaded the car for the Mint400. At the race we started 58th off the line. after 180 miles of hard racing we were down to 8th place when a broken balljoint would basically end our day.  Back at the shop we started tearing the car down and when we pulled the airbox open the filter still looked new!!!!! Crazy Crazy Right!!!!! 180 Miles of hard racing in the desert with tons of dust from passing other cars and our filter before the engine was still clean. It had barely been touched by dust. Now keep this in mind 180 miles of Silt,dirt,dust and rocks flying up from other vehicles. Sometimes you are in the dust for a solid 10 minutes of the peddle to the floor before you get a clean pass on someone. Now that you know our racing story with this awesome product you can make the decision to replace filters halfway in a race and lose power by having a clogged air filter plus engine life or you can buy this Particle Seperator and never look back or worry again.

The same technology military helicopters use to maintain power in extremely dusty conditions is now available for your UTV. S&B's Particle Separator ejects 94% of dust from the airflow prior to it reaching the stock filter.*

Protects your engine.

Far too many UTV owners have had to purchase a new $6,000 engine due to the ingestion of dust while using the UTV's stock filter.

When a filter gets clogged, the engine is still going to try and consume the air it needs to run which significantly increases the amount of restriction (pressure). With this added pressure, dust and debris can be pulled through the filter media and around the sealing surfaces ruining your engine. 

The S&B Particle Separator ejects the majority of the dust, so your filter stays cleaner for a longer period of time. With less pressure placed on your filter, your UTV can roam safely through even the harshest of conditions.


Product Dims: 20.2" W x 10.5" H x 10" d
Weight: 11lbs
Efficiency Rate: 94%*
Amp Draw: 3.1 amps
Clamp Diameter: 1.75"
Duct Length: 39"

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