GMZ004 GMZ Kahuna Tire

$ 198.95

The Kahuna Tire is the latest innovative, all-terrain, tread pattern developed by GMZ. This tire will work great in most all conditions, from desert hard pack to the loose soft sand rock crawling what ever you throw at it. The Kahuna works on the most demanding race tracks to the open trails of Baja. These tires have been tested in King Of the Hammers By Wolfpack Driver Jason Merrell Running over 3/4 of the race track in 3rd place without getting 1 flat the entire time!!!!! While other drivers struggled to change flats we drove from last place down to 3rd. These tires are tough as Nails and will keep you on the trail longer without having issues.

GMZ Race Products is featuring an 8 ply radial construction with DOT approval. The tread pattern is self-cleaning and allows room in the center tread for custom grooving. The Kahuna tire comes standard with a heavy-duty side wall construction and is one of the strongest UTV All-Terrain tires available on the market today. The Kahuna tire will be available in 30x10x14 with other popular sizes to follow.  Be sure to catch a glimpse, as we suspect, this will be another race proven winner in the highest ranks of UTV/SXS competition from GMZ.

Weight: Apx. 34.25 lbs.

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