Race Cage XP1000

$ 2,995.00

Race ready and legal built to Lucas oil, Worcs, GNCC, dirt series and with a few small additions / modifications will also meet BITD, Score and other desert racing Series requirements as well. Structurely tested and C.A.D designed for strength we have made sure we cover all the bases when building this Race cage.  The D.O.M Cage is made up of .095  1 3/4, 1 1/2, 1 1/4 mixed between the doors,pillars and the supports.

Tha Chromoly Cage is mainly 1 1/2 .095 and has 1 1/4 mixed in the door frames

100% DOM Tube Construction or Chromoly

Internal Tube Door Structures w/ Lacing

Removable Aluminum Door Panels

Driver Roof Brace

Removable Aluminum Roof Panel

PRP Window Net w/ Hanger

Dzus Hardware

Single Stage Powder Coat

Desired Tabs / Grab Handles offered please ask.

Ties into 6 Factory Cage bungs 2 door pilars and 2 Bottom seat frame Rail

If ordering this cage please let us know where you live we have to get custom shipping quotes. Also all custom order take around 2 weeks to have cages fully welded and Powder coated. If customer would like raw lead times can come down. If customer has any custom questions we can build the cage to your desire please let us know before the order is placed


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