WP006 Aluminum Tie Rods Polaris Xp1000

$ 199.00

These are Factory replacement bolt on HD Aluminum Tie rods. These Tie Rods utilize the inner steering rack clevis and screw right on. No need to pull the boot off and hassle with getting greasy and making a mess. They also feature our Stainless steel Misc align spacers for the ends matched with our Chromoly Rod ends. These sell in a pair for left and right hand side. When ordering your aftermarket parts keep in mind the materials used. Our Stainless steel Misc Align spacers do not rust? Our Chromoly Rod ends last 5-10 times longer than regular? Our parts are MADE IN AMERICA?Wolfpack Parts get raced every day Every Weekend and every Month so they are put to the test? These are questions you should ask yourself when making a purchase for your parts. We test them so you don't have too!!!!!!!!

   Heavy Duty Aluminum Bars Solid

   Chromoly Rod ends 

   Stainless Steel Spacers

   Wrench Flats

   Anodized Black 

Work on four seat and two seat Polaris Xp1000 

These work on 2014 Model Polaris Rzr only 4 seater and 2 seater

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